September 4th 2020,

Western Washington Painters!  We are happy to announce that our most recent bargaining session with the contractors was fruitful.  Please take a look at the contract and bullet points.  Please share this with your Union Brothers and Sisters. 

We will be voting next week!!  September 10th, 11th and 12th at both the Seattle and Tacoma Local halls.  Thursday and Friday you may vote between 2pm – 6pm and Saturday will be from 1pm to 5pm.  Please make yourself knowledgeable by reading the information on this page.

Western Washington Painters!!  The offer that was presented to the membership this week has been voted down.  Please advise!  We are NOT on strike.  Please pass the word along.  You are encouraged to  bring your personal tools home at the end of every shift. We will be meeting with the contractors this week to try to better the contract proposal. We will have more information soon.  Please check back here regularly for more info. 

The final vote count is as follows:
175 yes votes
300 no votes
35 challenged Ballots (members that were not on the list/Payed after the official list was printed)
2 oops (marked both boxes)
We are not on strike. More to come soon.

If you have questions, contact your reps,
Anthony, Toby, Cynthia and Chris.