Schedule “A” Wages

If you do not see your wage schedule below.  Please contact us at 206-441-5554.

Western Washington Painters Wage Rates July 2018
Western Washington Residential Painter Rates July 2018
Eastern Washington Industrial Painter Rates July 2017
Eastern Washington Commercial Painter Rates July 2018
Painters Wage Rates , Oregon & SW Washington
 Alaska South Painter Wage Rates – December 2017
Alaska South Industrial Painter Wage Rates – December 2017
Alaska North Brush and Roll Painter-Wallcovering- December 2017
Alaska North-Spray Painter-Industrial Coater/Taper-December 1, 2017

Drywall Finishers

Drywall Finisher Wage Rates, Seattle July 2018
Drywall Finisher Wage Rates, Oregon & SW Washington

Drywall Finisher Wage Rates, Alaska South – December 2017

Glaziers, Architectural Metal and Glassworkers
Western Washington Commercial Glaziers Wage Rates 2018
Western Washington Residential Glaziers Wage Rates September 2017
Eastern Washington/Northern Idaho Glaziers July 2017
Oregon & SW Washington Glaziers Wage Rates January 1, 2018

Sign & Display, Paint Makers, Automotive Painters and Allied Trades
Please contact: Scott Clark by email or 206-794-5685 for copy of wage rates. 

Linoleum, Carpet and Soft Tile Layers
Oregon Floor Covering Wage rates
Washington Floor Covering Wage rates July 2017
Alaska North Floor Covering Wages rates July 2017
Alaska South Flooring Covering Wage rates July 2017

Traffic Control Stripers
Washington/ Idaho Traffice Control Stripe Rite rates July 2017
Washington/ Idaho Traffic Control Apply Line rates July 2017