Western Washington Painter Contract

Western Washington Area Agreement for the Professional Painting Industry

 This Document is a Draft Copy of the Proposal

 It contains highlights that identify changes from the existing contract to new language.

Text highlighted in yellow are deletions. Text highlighted in green are additions.

In some cases, a previous section may have been moved to a different section in the document so that it would be under a more appropriate Article.  If a section is crossed out, similar language may have been added back under a new section or article.see Final Tentative Agreement

Drafted October 9, 2015

Western Washington Painters Negotiations update

An up-date from your Negotiating Team and District Council 5 Union Representatives

A tentative agreement has been reached.

The language is being drafted on a new proposal with the Western WA Signatory Painting Employers (WWSPE) that will be ready for your consideration by mid-October.  A series of short informational meetings to discuss the proposal will be scheduled in Seattle and Tacoma prior to any ratification vote.  Members should make an effort  to review and understand the proposal prior to voting.  A key component of the negotiating process is to have a large percentage of the membership showing up to vote on any proposal.  Numbers speak louder than words!

A mailer will go out to the membership with information on times and places of these Question and Answer sessions.

Voting will take place a week later.

In Solidarity,  Painter’s Negotiating Team

Picket Captain/Education July 1 at 6pm District Council 5 office

Picket Captain/Education on July 1st at 6pm.
6770 E Marginal Way S Bldg E Rm 370C
Seattle, WA 98108

Please print form and drop off at your nearest Local office or email a copy to address below.
Local 300 office:                                                                       Local 1964 Office:
6770 E Marginal Way S Bldg E Rm 303-A                             220 S. 27th St.
Seattle, WA 98108                                                                   Tacoma, WA 98402
206-441-6922                                                                           253-272-2443
Email:  Jeri                                                                               Email:  Julie
Email 2: Griselda

Click link below Picket line Do’s and Don’ts

thumbnail-of-Painter jobsite picket form update 2015thumbnail-of-Painters dos and donts update 2015

Western Washington Paint Negotiations update June 16, 2015

Painting Negotiation Update

We had some discussions with our contractors on June 12, 2015.  Western Washington Signatory Paint Employers (WWSPE) doesn’t see themselves meeting with their team until sometime after June 18, 2015.  Once this occurs we will set a date to come back to the negotiations table.  We will continue to be informed on any new developments.

– Chris Winters & Greg Flatmo