Becoming a member

How to become a member:

Interested in becoming a member?  Call the Painter and Allied Trades in your area or the Finishing Trades Institute to schedule a appointment for further information about our State Certified Apprenticeship programs. If your already a Journey worker, see information below on how to work for a signatory contractor

Interested in becoming a Journey worker:

For Painting call:
Seattle 206-441-6922  Tacoma 253-272-2443 Portland 503-257-0589 Utah 801-977-0732 Alaska (Anchorage) 907-562-8843 or (Fairbanks) 907-457-4444 Kennewick 509-396-3244

For Drywall Finishing call:
Seattle 206-206-971-0363 Portland 503-257-0589 Utah 801-977-0732 Alaska (Anchorage) 907-562-8843 or (Fairbanks) 907-457-4444 Kennewick 509-396-2244
For Glazing call:
Seattle 206-957-1882    Portland 503-255-3920    Alaska (Anchorage) 907-562-8843 or (Fairbanks) 907-457-4444
For Flooring call:
Seattle 206-957-1892    Portland (971)219-9980

Interested in becoming an Apprentice:

Washington Painting, Drywall and Flooring programs call:  206-762-8332
Washington Glazing Programs call:  206-762-7001
Oregon/SW Washington Glazing Programs call:  503-491-7359
Oregon/SW Washington Drywall Finishing and Painting programs call:  503-287-4856
Oregon/SW Washington Flooring Programs call:  503-282-5783
Eastern Washington, Northern Idaho (Coeur D’Alene/Moscow area) call:  509-396-3244
Utah and Southern Idaho call:  801-977-0732

Visit the Apprenticeship Website for more information: